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Hilton Herbs VireX Cream

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Hilton Herbs VireX Cream - Hilton Herbs VireX Cream

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VireX Cream:
is a soothing calendula based cream
has cooling, drying, astringent witch hazel
contains homeopathic "thuja" to support horses with lumps and bumps
suitable for dogs

VireX Cream can be used on horses and dogs and comes in a calendula base with heomopathic thuja plus herbal tinctures and oils. It can be used topically alongside our Equine Equimmune or Equimune Gold supplements to help maintain a healthy resistance to viral infections.

Thuja aromatic water and decoction
Calendula officinalis infused oil
Almond oil
Hypericum macerated Oil
Witch Hazel aromatic water

How to use:
Apply twice daily.

The latin name for the Thuja tree is "Arbor vitae" meaning the "Tree of Life". It is used as both a herbal preparation and a homeopathic remedy.
Witch Hazel - Hammamelis virginiana - this shrub flowers in the cold Winter months, if you cup your hands around the flower and breath on it you will smell a wonderful perfume. The distilled Witch Hazel which is soothing, cooling and astringent can be used externally for any minor wounds, sore, bruised or irritated skin.

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Using on melanomas on horse,certainly helps

Reviewed by: Diane

Reviewed on: 13 July 2016

Product Variant: VIREX 130G


As Above

Reviewed on: 09 June 2015

Product Variant: VIREX 130G

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