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Hi-Travel First Aid Kit for pets

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Hi-Travel First Aid Kit for pets

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For dogs on the move! A full veterinary approved kit which includes all your basic needs for travelling with your pet.

This first aid kit is not to be used as a substitute for professional veterinary attention, which should be obtained as quickly as possible. The contents will provide aid and comfort to an injured pet until that can be arranged. Here are a few guide notes about the contents to help you.


Saline Pods 20ml (x2): These are snap top, and the contents can be used safely to wash dirt and debris from eyes or other parts- simply wipe away excess fluid with a gauze swab or paper handkerchief.

Medium Dressings (x2): To cover an injury. These have tie bandages attached, but do not fasten tightly. Use the Microporous tape if additional retention is needed. Cut off the bandage ends after tying.

Foil Blanket (x1): Use this to wrap your pet on the journey to the vets. It will provide warmth. It may be necessary to hold the blanket in place.

Gauze Swabs (x5): Use these for cleaning up fluid, or for wiping after application of a saline solution.

Microporous Tape (x1): This is useful to hold dressings or bandages in place. It tears quite easily so scissors are not required.

Conforming Bandage (x1): If a sprain is suspected, use this around the limb, and fasten with tape. Cut off excess bandage and retain the rest for possible future use.

Gloves- Pair (x2): Wear these always when attending an injured pet. Discard afterwards.

Plastic Pouches (x4): These are intended to wrap around a dressed foot injury, and fasten with tape. It will minimise blood spillages on to carpets, car upholstery and furniture.

Alcohol Free Cleansing Wipes (x4): Use these to wipe a wound carefully prior to applying the dressing. Discard safely when used.

Scissors (x1)
Tweezers (x1)