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Happy Tummy™ Feed Supplement for equines, dogs, cats & other mammals, poultry & all other animals.

NOTE: Our Happy Tummy product is the same for all animals, so the canine/feline labelled tub contains the same product as the equine labelled tub.

All equines benefit from the addition of small, regular doses of Happy Tummy® natural charcoal to their diet. This is because Happy Tummy® charcoal adsorbs toxins and passes them out of the horse’s system – naturally. Happy Tummy is suitable to feed daily as it is a natural active charcoal. [Whereas, activated charcoal is a super-absorbent made thus by the industrial processes it goes through, and should not be used as a regular feed material.]

By removing the cause of gastric problems in horses, ponies and all equines, Happy Tummy® charcoal helps return a horse’s system to full good health within days. Fast acting, inexpensive and with no side effects Happy Tummy® charcoal is the best gastric conditioner in the world. The action of this unique feed supplement is entirely natural, inexpensive and very effective.

Horses can race and compete whilst using Happy Tummy® and finish on better with less tying up. BHA and FEI compliant.

HOW MUCH TO FEED – using 5g (c15ml) scoop provided
Simply mix into the feed or sprinkle on top. All animals take to it readily & it has no taste or smell.
Ensure plenty of fresh, clean drinking water is available for all animals.

Recommended daily amount - in every case the amount is divided / split into two feeds:
Equines 16HH+ 8-10 scoops; 14-15HH 6 - 8 scoops; 12-13HH 4-6 scoops;
11HH and under 2-4 scoops; MINATURES 1-2 scoops.

With equines the recommended amount can be reduced by half, once the condition/problem has significantly improved and this reduced amount used as an aid to full recovery. For maintenance and prevention, about a 1/3 of the recommended amount should be given.

Recommended daily amount - in every case the amount can be split into two feeds (morning and afternoon). Please ensure that plenty of clean drinking water is available at all times.
Large breeds - (Wolf hounds, Great Danes. German Shepherds & etc.) 1 – 6 scoops daily
Medium breeds - (Retrievers, Spaniels, Beagles, Boxers & etc.) 1 – 4 scoops daily.
Small breeds - (Terriers, Poodles, Chihuahuas & etc.) 1 -2 scoops daily.
CATS : - 1 – 2 scoops DAILY

PIGS: Smaller Breeds & gilts 1/2 – 1 scoop / head daily into their feed;
Medium Breeds: 1-2 scoops / head;
Large breeds: 2-4 scoops / head

CHICKENS & all OTHER POULTRY (Ducks, Canaries & other Finches, Budgerigars & other Parrots, Geese, Guinea fowl, Quails etc): 2 heaped scoops per 5kg of feed daily

BEEF cattle: 10g – 20g (2- 4 scoops) /head mixed into the feed daily.
DAIRY cattle: 20g – 40g (4 – 8 scoops) /head daily

SHEEP, GOATS, CAMELIDS & other domestic animals:
1/2 – 4 scoops / head daily depending on size of animal

HAPPY TUMMY™ charcoal is an approved Feed material which can be safely fed long term; it is not a substitute for pharmaceutical medicines or a replacement for veterinary attention. If your animal or animals fall ill first consult your vet.

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I have used this product with all my dogs. My present dog has a sensitive gut and can suffer issues with fat. These granules added to his food daily keeps his gut comfortable and no diarrhoea.<br />Easy to give as in granule form. Not expensive.

Reviewed on: 06 October 2020

Product Variant: HAPPYTUM 500G


Given to another one of my dogs daily as he ahs a sensitive gut. This helps with wind and in providing regular firm stools. Helps general health by removing toxins.

Reviewed on: 01 May 2018

Product Variant: HAPPYTUM 500G


I believe it helps my horses digestive system work properly so it gives me a healthy horse.

Reviewed on: 21 December 2013

Product Variant: HAPPYTUM 375KG

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