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H Bradshaws Coligone Liquid

Item Number: COLIGONEL

H Bradshaws Coligone Liquid - H Bradshaws Coligone Liquid

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Coligone Liquid

The ultimate Equine Digestive Soothing Supplement!

Administered orally, Coligone helps maintain healthy acid levels.

A natural product, which is designed specifically to aid and support the digestive system and maintain healthy acid levels within the digestive tract.

Ideal for use when travelling or competing to maintain healthy acid levels in the gut. Raised gastric acid levels can be caused by the stress of travelling and long periods spent without food, where sufficient saliva isn’t being produced to buffer the excess gastric acid produced.



Suitable for use when training, competing and travelling or during times of stress/ill health where the disturbance of the microflora has occurred with the digestive tract.

Ideal for use during periods where gastric acid levels are high and saliva production is low.

Designed to help with crib-biting, wind sucking, grumpy behaviour, napping, tucking up, bloated windy tummies, over indulgence on grass (over-fermentation of the hind gut and associated acidosis) and poor performance in competition horses.

VETERINARY ENDORSED and routinely used for pre/post operative care in foals and horses.

Directions for Use
50ml Syringe to be administered orally or mixed with feed, twice a day, for 5-7 days, before reducing the amount fed to 30ml twice a day.

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Excellent product and helps my horse who has suffered from ulcers

Reviewed by: Sarah Dobell

Reviewed on: 30 July 2019

Product Variant: COLIGONEL 5L


Great product, works very well - please continue to stock!

Reviewed on: 08 May 2014

Product Variant: COLIGONEL 5L


So far so good using on ulcer prone stressy young horse, but still early days, seems a very useful thing to have in case other horses show signs of colic or gastric discomfort

Reviewed on: 03 January 2014

Product Variant: COLIGONEL 5L

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