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Gypsona Bandage 2.7m

Item Number: GYPSONA

Gypsona Bandage 2.7m

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Gypsona Bandage 2.7m.

This roll of Gypsona Bandage is pre-treated with Plaster of Paris which means that it will set quickly after exposure to water. It is therefore ideal for taking slipper casts. Simply dip it in water, wrap it  around the lower part of the foot and a permanent record can be created in minutes.

Product Specification:
One roll of Gypsona Bandage 10cm x 2.7m
Affordable and easy to use
Fast drying

Available sizes:
5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm

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Gypsona Bandage 2.7m

Gypsona Bandage 2.7m. Pre-treated with Plaster of Paris which means that it will set quickly after exposure to water.

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