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Get Rid 350g

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Get Rid 350g
  • Get Rid 350g

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A completely organic powder that rids lice and fleas from horses, cage birds and domestic animals. Consists of microscopic algae which physically penetrates the outer layer of crawling insects. So safe that it is even edible!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use this product on cats?

This is a natural product and we cannot see any reason why you cannot use this on cats. Although there is more effective treatments for fleas ticks and biting lice for feline use. 

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Good for the animals beds and so far we haven't had a return of any pests

Reviewed by: Paula Lewis

Reviewed on: 10 December 2019

Product Variant: GETRID


Get rid does as it says on label

Reviewed on: 19 June 2019

Product Variant: GETRID


Have yet to use but has good reviews

Reviewed on: 27 August 2015

Product Variant: GETRID



Reviewed on: 10 June 2015

Product Variant: GETRID

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