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General Supplements for Horses

Vitamin & Mineral Supplements for Horses
We stock a great range of vitamin supplements for horses which meet all the nutritional benefits for your horse together with a range of mineral supplements for horses to help keep your horse in the healthiest condition. Check out our full range below.

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Hilton Herbs Himalayan Rock Salt Large 5kg with rope

Himalayan Rock Salt Licks are literally 'rock hard', which means that horses and ponies are unable to bite chunks off, a problem that can occur with the softer 'pressed' salt licks.


From £9.35 inc. VAT

Gold Label Limestone Flour 5kg

Add to feeds to balance the calcium/phosphorous ratio and for brood and lactating mares.


From £7.09 inc. VAT

Clop 5kg

Battles Clop for Horses 5kg. A highly palatable, carefully blended feed supplement for all horses and ponies.

Item #: CLOP5

From £30.49 inc. VAT

Sodium Bicarbonate BP Powder 5kg

Sodium Bicarbonate BP Powder 5kg. An economical diet and digestive supplement especially for horses.

Item #: SOD5

From £28.45 inc. VAT

Feedmark Benevit Advance 5kg

Benevit Advance supplies a balanced supply of 25 vitamins and minerals with the added benefit of essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. The combination of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids helps your horse to feel good on the inside and look great on the outside.

Item #: BENE5

From £41.55 inc. VAT

Immune Aid for Horses 3kg

Immune Aid for Horses is a high specification immune support supplement for all horses and ponies, designed to support the body's normal defences and help maintain a healthy immune system.


From £18.39 inc. VAT

Global Herbs Sarc-Ex for Horses

Global Herbs Sarc-Ex is an advanced and unique formula which provides nutritional support for the immune system of horses. The strong antioxidant herbs help the body cope while maintaining normal structure and function.

Item #: SARCEX 5KG

From £178.19 inc. VAT



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