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Equi Life Ltd, the distribution arm of The Laminitis Clinic, has launched a ‘New Generation’ equine hoof supplement, Formula4 Feet, providing unique benefits for both horses with poor hoof horn quality, cracked hooves, or weak heels in addition to those at risk of laminitis.

The nutrients provided by Formula4 Feet result in obvious benefits for hoof horn quality.

1. Formula4 Feet is the first non-GM hoof supplement to be made anywhere in the world. It is manufactured in the UK in a drug-free, UFAS-approved facility complying with ISO 9001 standards.

2. Formula4 Feet has been approved by the Vegetarian Society as it contains no ingredients of animal or molluscan origin and also because of Equi Life’s ethical production and development policies.

3. Each batch of Formula4 Feet is tested free of substances listed in the Common Feed Contaminants Screen before it is offered for sale. Products including these substances would result in a positive dope test under FEI and Jockey Club rules. Testing is performed at the world’s leading equine forensic laboratory.

4. Formula4 Feet has been subjected to independent research at the University of Berlin’s world-renowned Keratin Institute.

5. Formula4 Feet provides over 65 micronutrients in a highly-palatable pellet. These include 10 vitamins, 18 amino acids, 16 minerals, 4 antioxidants, and essential fatty acids including Omega-3. Due to its comprehensive formulation Formula4 Feet is an excellent general supplement to help keep your horse in tip-top health.

6. Formula4 Feet provides 20mg biotin daily for a 450kg horse. Most studies on the effects on hoof horn of supplementation with biotin indicate that 20mg daily is necessary to achieve consistent improvement.

7. Formula4 Feet provides over 3g of calcium per day balanced with magnesium and phosphorus. Calcium has been shown to be important for inter-squame attachment in hoof horn.

8. Formula4 Feet provides zinc in both organic and inorganic form, providing optimal availability yet allowing the horse to retain intestinal selectivity during absorption. Zinc is important for correct hoof horn growth.

9. Formula4 Feet contains methionine, an important natural sulphur-containing amino acid. Methionine is necessary to provide the building blocks of strong hoof horn.

10. Formula4 Feet provides generous amounts of phospholipids from natural ingredients. Phospholipids are essential dietary components for incorporation into all cell membranes. This function is vital throughout the body, not only in the hoof, where phospholipids are intimately involved in maintaining a normal water balance and keeping the horn free from infection.

11. Formula4 Feet contains no cereals and no added selenium. Cereals are high in soluble carbohydrates and are not recommended for laminitis cases. Excessive selenium is thought to contribute to hoof horn infections and can be toxic. Selenium toxicosis causes poor horn development with a dry, scaly appearance to the hoof and can eventually lead to shedding of hooves or even death.

12. Formula4 Feet contains Vitamin A which is important for a healthy epithelium. The hooves, coat, mane and tail are all part of the epithelium.

13. One of the main causes of laminitis is obesity, leading to glucose intolerance, insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus. Research at the Laminitis Clinic indicates that obesity and insulin resistance may be the forerunner of a more serious hormonal disease. Formula4 Feet is a revolutionary new formulation which provides nutritional support against these syndromes, helping to keep your horse healthy. Formula4 Feet should be used in combination with a low-calorie, high-fibre diet for optimum health the natural way.

14. Formula4 Feet contains the amino acids lysine and threonine. Lysine and threonine are the two most important rate-limiting amino acids. If these are in short supply, protein and energy metabolism is inhibited, preventing your horse from getting all the goodness from his food.

15. Formula4 Feet contains optimal levels of antioxidants including heat-stable Vitamin C, Vitamin E, copper and BHT. Antioxidants not only help keep Formula4 Feet in fresh condition but, when assimilated, act effectively against oxidative damage.

16. Formula4 Feet contains omega-3 fatty acids, which by their competitive metabolism, during the desaturation of n-6 fatty acids to the inflammatory eicosanoids, help prevent the formation of inflammatory intermediates.

17. Formula4 Feet contains the amino acid arginine, the precursor for the formation of nitric oxide in the tissue circulation. Nitric oxide is a powerful vasodilator i.e. it causes the blood vessels to widen, which encourages inxcreased blood flow and tissue perfusion. Laminitis is thought to involve vasoconstriction and ischaemia (lack of blood flow to the laminae) in its pathogenesis.

18. Formula4 Feet contains balanced amounts of bioavailable magnesium. Deficiency may be associated with glucose intolerance and insulin resistance, both of which are commonly associated with laminitis. Experience at the Laminitis Clinic has shown that laminitis cases often show abnormal magnesium balance in blood and urine samples.

19. Formula4 Feet contains riboflavin which is important for efficient energy metabolism and healthy skeletal muscles. Elevated serum concentrations of CPK, an indicator of skeletal muscle damage, are commonly found in laminitis cases.

20. Formula4 Feet contains natural plant sources of vanadium and chromium. Vanadium is vital for insulin intra-cellular signalling and thus important in cases of insulin resistance and diabetes. Chromium, in combination with other ingredients in Formula4 Feet, is involved in the formation of glucose tolerance factor by the horse. Glucose tolerance factor has shown the potential to reduce blood glucose and free fatty acid concentrations in diabetic subjects. Glucose tolerance factor is vital for effective glucose metabolism.

21. Formula4 Feet contains tyrosine and phenylalanine, both important precursors of the neurotransmitter dopamine which is in short supply in cases of laminitis due to pituitary-dependent hormonal disorders.

22. Formula4 Feet contains choline, inositol, methionine and cobalt (precursor of Vitamin B12), all of which are essential for optimal liver function.

23. Formula4 Feet contains short-chain oligosaccharides from natural ingredients. These have been shown to be important in maintaining a healthy microbial population in the horse’s hindgut. Oligosaccharides help to “bind” some species of pathogenic bacteria, further promoting intestinal health.

24. Formula4 Feet contains the amino acid tyrosine and the element iodine, which when combined, form thyroxine, the thyroid hormone. Adequate thyroxine is necessary for optimal energy metabolism and promotes a normal metabolic rate and a healthy coat.

25. Formula4 Feet comes in resealable, recyclable, waterproof and u/v lightproof containers.

26. Despite all the above benefits, Formula4 Feet represents a significant saving on other leading hoof supplements.