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Flexadin Chewable tablets

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Flexadin Chewable tablets
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Flexadin Chewable tablets.

Pets develop joint problems as they grow older or are overweight. Flexadin is a joint supplement for dogs and cats containing Glucosamine (to thicken synovial fluid by GAG (Glycosaminoglycan) secretion,Chondroitin and Harpagophytum (Devils Claw) and Manganese to support healthy joint function. As the first joint supplement from a major pharmaceutical company all ingredients are of guaranteed  high purity. Flexadin are palatable and can be given either like treats or in food..

Weight control and regular exercise are equally important and of course cost nothing.

Each tablet contains:
Glucosamine HCl (99% pure) 500mg
Chondroitin (95% pure) 400mg
Harpagophytum 150mg
Manganese (as sulphate) 10mg

The tablet may be given directly to the pet or in its food.

Weight of pet             Initial 4-6 weeks          Maintenance
<20kg                                  2                                 1
20-40kg                              3                                 1-1 1/2
>40kg                                 4                                   2

Initial administration:
Initial Administration Tabel


After the initial 4-6 week period the number of chewable tablets can often be reduced to a maintenance level. Reduction should be done gradually in ½ to 1 tablet steps depending on the size of your pet, and should not be reduced more than once per month. Administration may be increased at any time depending on your pet’s needs.

Chewable tablets can be given to your pet with their food, by placing them on top of the food. Alternatively, chewable tablets can be given as a treat, separate from food, so that 'Flexadin time' becomes 'treat time'.

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