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F10 Antiseptic Solution Ready To Use Refill 1L

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Sale F10 Antiseptic Solution Ready To Use Refill 1L

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F10 Antiseptic Solution Ready To Use Refill 1L.

A multi-purpose broad spectrum preparation effective bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores as a topical application to prevent and treat respiratory diseases, for nasal and sinus flushing, as a wound irrigating and skin decontamination solution.

Directions for use

Use only as directed

Prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases.
Administer F10 Antiseptic Solution (RTU) topically using a nebuliser or fogger for 20 to 30 minutes twice daily or as directed by the veterinarian.

Nasal and Sinus Flushing to remove accumulated mucus and inflammatory material.
Restrain the animal with its head downwards to avoid aspiration and syringe the cavity with F10 Antiseptic Solution (RTU) as necessary.

Wound irrigation
Use F10 Antiseptic Solution (RTU) to irrigate the wound site as required.

Skin Decontamination
Apply F10 Antiseptic Solution (RTU) topically as a wash, spray or soak and leave to air dry.

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