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Eukanuba Dermatosis

Eukanuba Dermatosis diets for both cats and dogs are available as dry food or wet food in tins. Vets often find that food allergies and skin conditions may be related to gastro intestinal problems in your pet Eukanuba Dermatosis is often recommended by vets for the nutritional management of GI conditions associated with food allergy or intolerance such as inflammatory bowel disease, colitis or gastroenteritis. Eukanuba Dermatosis may also be of benefit in inflammatory skin conditions in pets such as dermatitis caused by flea bites in conjunction with clinical management. Containing new protein and carbohydrate sources such as fish and potato to help reduce the chances of allergy or intolerance Eukanuba Dermatosis also contains beet pulp a moderately fermentable fibre and prebiotics that aid in GI health but is not recommended in pets with an allergy to fish or potato.

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