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Ermidra Spray 300ml

Item Number: ERMIDRASP

Ermidra Spray 300ml
  • Ermidra Spray 300ml

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Use Ermidra Spray for all cases of skin dehydration, particularly during the summer months or where there is time spent in enclosed and heated environments.

Ermidra Spray can also be a useful adjuvant in the management of acute seborrhoeic conditions.

Use after shampooing.

Instructions for use:  Apply the product abundantly over the entire coat until the skin is damp. In the case of animals with a thick or long coat, spray against the hair. Do not rinse.  Use Ermidra spray several times during the day.

Composition: zinc, gluconate, epilobium, propylene glycol, liposomes, glycerine, perfumed essences, cyclodextrins, D-panthenol, coformulants, deionized water.

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Has made a significant improvement to Teddy's skin

Reviewed by: Maureen Lowder

Reviewed on: 01 August 2019

Product Variant: ERMIDRASP


Great for my dog that has problem skin.

Reviewed on: 09 February 2018

Product Variant: ERMIDRASP

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