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When should Pronutrin® be used?
Scientific studies have proved the positive effect of supplementing the feed with Pronutrin®. If one or more of the above symptoms lead you to suspect (or gastroscopy proves) that the horse suffers from lack of nutrients for natural protection of the gastric mucosa, and when all other causes of these symptoms have been eliminated, a Pronutrin® diet is recommended.

Pronutrin® can also be used routinely to help against relapses or before situations that may require benefit from the nutrients found in Pronutrin® to support the natural protection of the gastric mucosa.

Horses can benefit from Pronutrin® when a high performance level is required during training or competition, when feeding high levels of concentrates, when the feed is reduced or the horse refuses to eat, when the feeding intervals are too long, when the hay quality is poor and when changing from one type of feed to another. Other factors such as frequent or long transports, weaning of foals, rank conflicts in the herd, and operations and diseases (especially colic) are also times when the use of Pronutrin® may be of benefit.

Active Ingredient
Pronutrin® contains proto-pectin fibres derived from apples, wheat fibre, pea fibre and citrus fruits, phospholipid in the form of lecithin, glycerol and natural flavours.

Maintains the integrity of the gastric mucosa in stressed horses.

The dietetic ingredient in Pronutrin® is Apolectol®, a patented combination of pectin, glycerine and lecithin. The properties of the various ingredients of Apolectol® contribute to an extensive dietetic effect. Pectin prevents the increase of gastric acid and stabilises the natural balance of the stomach mucous layer while the lecithin / glycerine components strengthen the hydrophobic protective layer of the gastric mucosa. In this way Apolectol® provides a natural double protection of the sensitive mucosa. It stabilises and regenerates the protection against the aggressive gastric acids and at the same time prevents an excess of gastric acid in the stomach.