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Equistro Haemolytan 400

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Equistro Haemolytan 400
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Liquid trace element concentrate of iron, copper, cobalt and zinc, vitamin B complex and vitamin K3.

  • High iron content with additional vitamins, minerals and trace element
  • Easy administration via feed, drinking water or applicator
  • No prohibited substances

The development of foals and the performance potential of any sports or breeding horse can stand or fall on the provision of trace elements and vitamins and increased supplies of these at key stages are therefore extremely important in the horse. These essential nutrients can be directly linked to important metabolic and haematological parameters:

  • After illness when blood and body levels are depleted
  • During pregnancy to maintain optimum levels in both the mare and unborn foal
  • In young foals where the mare's milk is insufficient for optimal supply to ensure normal development (suckling foals obtain only 10% of their daily iron requirement from mare's milk)
  • Breeding stallions
  • During competition when horses are under increased stress and when there is an increase in requirements for these essential vitamins and minerals.

Equistro Haemolytan 400 can help replace lost or missing vitamins and trace elements in a simple-to-use liquid form which is easily and quickly absorbed.

Liquid - 250ml (12 - 25 days supply)
1L (50 - 100 days supply)

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Gave my horse the boost he needed

Reviewed on: 23 July 2015

Product Variant: EQUISTROH 250ML


my horse gets on with it fine.

Reviewed on: 04 February 2014

Product Variant: EQUISTROH 1L

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