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Equistro Azodine 2kg

Item Number: AZODINE

Equistro Azodine 2kg
  • Equistro Azodine 2kg

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Equistro Azodine 2kg.

Azodine is a complementary mineral feeding stuff for horses that aids in the management of azoturia (exertional myopathy).

Powder - Ingredients :
• Calcium carbonate : 40 %
• Sodium chloride : 40 %
• Calcium lactate: 20%

Nutritional value:
Electrolyte balance and the interactions between different electrolytes have an impact on muscle function in the horse. An imbalance can disrupt the muscle function even in otherwise healthy horses. During exertion, a significant quantity of electrolytes is lost via sweat. Whilst sodium and chloride account for the majority, calcium and magnesium are also lost. A regular supply of sodium and calcium can limit the risk of muscle tension episodes in horses. AZODINE supplies electrolytes particularly abundant in equine sweat: sodium, chloride and calcium.

The sodium and calcium levels in AZODINE are particularly recommended in association with EXCELL E liquid or powder to aid in horses’ muscular recovery.

Recommended administration:
Add EQUISTRO® AZODINE to the feed ration or drinking water.
Adult horses:
Standard sized horses (500 kg) 2 scoops (= 50 g) per day
Light horses and ponies: 1 scoop (= 25 g) per day

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So much cheaper then buying from vet use this regularly

Reviewed on: 28 July 2015

Product Variant: AZODINE


Cheaper then the vet

Reviewed on: 25 November 2014

Product Variant: AZODINE



Reviewed on: 10 September 2014

Product Variant: AZODINE

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