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EquiSal Tapeworm Test Kit For One Horse

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Sale EquiSal Tapeworm Test Kit For One Horse

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For the first time, you can simply and easily test your horse for tapeworm. Until now, it has been difficult to detect tapeworm burdens as worm egg counts do not reliably detect tapeworms and blood tests are very costly and inconvenient. The EquiSal Tapeworm Test has been developed by experienced scientists at Austin Davis Biologics Ltd. It works like a blood test but, instead, uses saliva that you collect yourself. The test tells you if your horse has tapeworms and whether you need to worm or not. It is especially important to correctly control tapeworms, as they are a common cause of serious colic.

Routine worming strategies can cause worms to build up resistance, enabling them to survive the worming. It is becoming increasingly important to avoid routine worming to ensure wormers stay effective in the future. A suitable worm control programme should include regular worm egg counts, together with twice-a-year testing for tapeworm - using the EquiSal Tapeworm Test. It is also important to bear in mind that, as there is currently no test for encysted redworm, routine worming for this worm should be carried out during the winter months.

All you need to do is collect saliva from your horse using the specially designed swab (provided as part of the test kit), send it back to the lab and the results will be emailed to you.
EquiSal Tapeworm Test includes:
" the saliva collection kit and instructions
" a freepost postage bag to return your samples to the lab
" laboratory processing and results provided

NB - When taking the test horses should not have been treated for tapeworm within the last 4 months unless doing a retest.

Horses should not be exercised for 30 minutes of taking the test.

We are unable to supply this product overseas due to regulations sending samples.