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EasiVet Veterinary Eye Cleaner 100ml

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EasiVet Veterinary Eye Cleaner 100ml

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Gentle antibacterial cleanser for use in and around the eyes.

Remove cap and snip off tip of spout and flood the eye by gently squeezing. Alternatively moisten a small clean swab with the product and gently wipe areas. Repeat if necessary and dry with a further clean swab.
In problem cases consult your Vet.

As this product is antibacterial regular use will help prevent tear stain formation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same formula as veterinary eye drops?

No, they are different. This should be used as a cleaner, it is great for removing tear stains. The Eye drops are for use in the eye, they are antibacterial and soothing.

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Used on my horses, dog and cat for years, does the job.