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Easifix Cohesive Bandage 4m

Item Number: EASIFIXCB

Easifix Cohesive Bandage 4m - Easifix Cohesive Bandage 4m

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Easifix Cohesive Bandage 4m.

Easifix® Cohesive is a lightweight, highly conformable bandage ideal for dressing bony prominences without impairing movement. It is made from polyester and rayon fibres coated with latex, giving it both elastic and cohesive properties. Its unique construction makes it ideal for patients with allergies to adhesives, as the latex coating ensures that the bandage sticks only to itself and not to the patient's skin. Easifix also offers excellent moisture vapour permeability.

The fabric is highly stretchable with limited regain, avoiding the risk of limb constriction. The bandage can be cut as required from the roll, making it an extremely cost-effective dressing option.

Easifix Cohesive is available in both 4m and 20m rolls.

Available sizes: 4cm, 6cm, 10cm, 12cm

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