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Draxxin 25mg/ml Injection for Pigs

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Sale Draxxin 25mg/ml Injection for Pigs
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Draxxin 25mg/ml Solution for Injection for Pigs.

For the treatment and prevention of swine respiratory disease (SRD) associated with Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Pasteurella multocida, Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and Haemophilus parasuis sensitive to tulathromycin. The presence of the disease in the herd should be established before preventative treatment. Draxxin should only be used if pigs are expected to develop the disease within 2–3 days.

Dosage and administration:
A single intramuscular injection of 2.5 mg tulathromycin/kg bodyweight (equivalent to 1 ml/10 kg bodyweight) in the neck.

For treatment of pigs over 40 kg bodyweight, divide the dose so that no more than 4 ml are injected at one site.

It is recommended to treat animals in the early stages of the disease and to evaluate the response to treatment within 48 hours after injection. If clinical signs of respiratory disease persist or increase, or if relapse occurs, treatment should be changed, using another antibiotic, and continued until clinical signs have resolved.

To ensure correct dosage bodyweight should be determined as accurately as possible to avoid underdosing. For multiple vial entry, an aspirating needle or multi-dose syringe is recommended to avoid excessive broaching of the stopper.

Packaging Quantities:
Vials containing 50, 100 or 250 ml. Not all pack sizes may be marketed.

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DRAXXIN25 100ML: Data Sheet

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