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Dog Food

Welcome to the enormous range of dog food from the Canine Chemists. Here you will find dog and puppy food, including premium and cheaper budget brands as well as specialist prescription dog food including Royal Canin Veterinary Diet .



Dog Food Best Sellers

Dechra Specific CIW Digestive Support Dog Food Foils

For adult dogs suffering from digestive problems, sensitive stomach, diarrhoea, and vomiting.


From £4.39 inc. VAT

Dechra Specific CKW Heart & Kidney Support Wet Dog Food 6 x 300g

A specially formulated wet dietetic dog food to provide tasty, nutritional support of heart, renal and liver function in case of chronic heart, kidney and/or liver insufficiency in adult dogs.


From £10.99 inc. VAT

Dechra Specific CDW Food Allergen Management Foils 6 x 300g

A dietetic hypoallergenic wet dog food, specially formulated tasty food for adult dogs for reduction of ingredient and nutrient intolerances (in practice referred to as 'food intolerance' or 'food allergy').


From £10.89 inc. VAT

Arden Grange Tasty Liver Treat For Cats & Dogs 75g

With lots of fresh liver and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, this is the perfect reward or snack for your adult cat or dog.


From £2.35 inc. VAT

Purina Adventuros Nuggets 90g

Made for dogs with a nose for adventure, PURINA® AdVENTuROS™ dog treats are packed with exciting flavours just waiting to be unleashed!


From £1.15 inc. VAT

Dechra Specific CT-HY Hypoallergenic Treats For Dogs 300g

Specific CT-HY Hypoallergenic Treats For Dogs 300g. SPECIFIC™ Hypoallergenic Treats are tasty treats for dogs, containing hydrolysed salmon protein and rice as selected protein and carbohydrate sources with a low allergenicity and high digestibility.


From £4.65 inc. VAT

Dechra SPECIFIC F/C-IN-W Intensive Support Recovery 7 x 95g

Wet dietetic cat and dog food, high in energy and nutrients, highly digestible and palatable to help cats and dogs in recovery. Also recommended for cats with feline hepatic lipidosis.


From £8.39 inc. VAT

Dechra Specific CRW Canine Weight Reduction Wet Dog Food 6 x 300g

SPECIFIC™ Weight Reduction is a tasty wet food paté that your dog will love. Low in fat and calories but high in fibre and protein it allows you to give your dog a full meal to satisfy their appetite whilst losing the extra pounds.


From £11.49 inc. VAT