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Beta Adult Working Dog with Chicken

PURINA BETA® naturally tailored nutrition for Working dogs includes essential amino acids and high level of antioxidants to help support muscle health and to help him stay in great condition during highly challenging active periods.

Item #: BETADAC 14KG

From £25.35 inc. VAT

BETA® Adult with Chicken

BETA Adult with Chicken is 100% complete and balanced, containing all the ingredients he needs to help maintain his health and vitality.

Item #: BETADC 14KG

From £31.10 inc. VAT

Beta Puppy with Chicken

Beta Puppy with Chicken has been specially formulated to provide the high levels of protein and fat required to replenish their playful energy needs. Essential minerals and vitamins help keep your puppy's natural defences strong and help to build strong teeth and bones. Contains DHA important for Brain and Vision development.

Item #: BETAPC 14KG

From £34.65 inc. VAT

BETA® Senior 7+ with Chicken

PURINA BETA® tailored nutrition for Senior adult dogs includes Omega 3 fatty acids to help support joint mobility and antioxidants to help support natural defences. It is also specially formulated with selected natural ingredients and a natural prebiotic to help support digestive health.

Item #: BETASC 14KG

From £34.65 inc. VAT

BETA® Light with Turkey

BETA Light product is specially formulated with 20% less fat versus Mature Adult products to help reduce fat accumulation. The specially formulated low fat diet ensures all the essential nutrients required during weight management are still provided.

Item #: BETADLI 14KG

From £34.65 inc. VAT

BETA® Adult Large Breed with Turkey

BETA 100% complete and balanced nutrition tailored for adult dogs of large breeds (> 25kg adult weight) to support lean body mass and active mobility.

Item #: BETAALB 14KG

From £30.39 inc. VAT

BETA® Sensitive with Salmon & Rice

BETA 100% complete and balanced nutrition tailored for dogs with sensitive skin and coat as well as sensitive digestion. Selected ingredients provide the high quality protein to help support good digestion.

Item #: BETADS 14KG

From £34.60 inc. VAT

BETA® Puppy Large Breed with Turkey - Beta Puppy Large Breed Rich in Turkey

BETA 100% complete and balanced nutrition tailored for puppies of large breeds (> 25kg expected adult weight) to support their natural defences and promote healthy growth.

Item #: BETAPLB 14KG

From £34.65 inc. VAT



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