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Dodson & Horrell Equilac Mares Milk Replacer 10kg

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Sale Dodson & Horrell Equilac Mares Milk Replacer 10kg

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Milk substitute for ophaned foals or mares who cannot produce enough milk.

Equilac is the best way to supplement milk intake for your foal. Whether your foal has been orphaned or your mare is not producing enough milk, Equilac provides calories, protein, vitamins and minerals to support the growing foal.

Suitable for foals from one day old to weaning.
Mixes with warm water, no need to add milk.
Can be fed alongside Foal Creep Pellets or Suregrow from the tenth day onwards.
Equilac is not a source of colostrum. It is vital that colostrum is consumed as the primary source of milk within the first 12-14 hours of birth.

Feeding Guidelines
Mixing Guidelines:

Mix 130g of Equilac powder with 1 litre (1.75pints) of warm water (37-38°C/98-100°F).

Do not reheat. Full feeding guidelines are provided on the tub.

Skim milk powder, Fat-filled skim milk powder, Whey powder. Fat-filled whey powder, Dextrose

Nutritional Analysis
Protein = 26.0%
Lysine = 2.17g/kg
Oil = 12%
Starch = 2.5%
Sugar = 5.3%
Sugar = 2.3%
Ash = 7.0%
Energy = 18.2 MJDE/kg

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