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Dimazon 5 % w/v Injection 10ml

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Sale Dimazon 5 % w/v Injection 10ml
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Dimazon 5 % w/v Solution for injection 10ml.

As a potent saluretic type of diuretic for parenteral administration to cattle, horses, cats and dogs. It is indicated in the treatment of oedemata associated with cardiac insufficiency, renal dysfunction, trauma and parasitic disease. It is also recommended for the treatment of mammary oedema and limb oedemata. The product gives rapid onset of diuretic action with increased sodium and water excretion and is effective even in cases where glomerular filtration is impaired.

Dosage and administration


Dosage mg active/kg bodyweight

ml of 5%






1-2 ml per 100 kg

1-2 times/day at

intervals of 6-8 hours




1-2 ml per 100 kg

At intervals of

12-14 hours



i.m./ i.v.


(per 5kg bodyweight)

First dose 5 mg/kg reduced to

1-2 mg/kg for

maintenance at 6-8 hours intervals.


In severe or refractory cases the dose may be doubled on a single occasion in the horse or cow.

The product may be administered by intramuscular injection in dogs and cats or intravenous injection for cattle, horses, dogs and cats, observing aseptic precautions. The product can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

Contra-indications, warnings, etc

Do not use the product in cases of acute glomerular nephritis, renal failure with anuria, electrolyte deficiency disease or overdosage with digitalis.

Do not use concurrently with aminoglycoside antibiotic treatment.

Too rapid injection in dogs may cause staggering and vomiting.

The therapeutic effect may be impaired by increased intake of drinking water. So far as the patient's condition allows, the amount of drinking water should be restricted during treatment.

In pulmonary oedema of cardiac origin combined therapy with appropriate cardiac treatment is advisable. Only during prolonged treatment is it necessary to monitor potassium balance. Potassium supplements may be necessary. Potential interactions with other drugs include ototoxicity with aminoglycosides and nephrotoxicity with cephalosporins. Use in combination with sulphonamide treatment may lead to sulphonamide allergy. Doses higher than recommended may cause transitory deafness. Cardiovascular side effects may be observed in weak and old patients following overdosage.

Clinical experience with dogs indicates that improved results can frequently be achieved by supplementary administration of corticosteroids.


Data Sheets

DIMAZONS: Data Sheet

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