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Dermoline Soothing Throat Syrup 250g

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Sale Dermoline Soothing Throat Syrup 250g

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For winter & dust irritations. Maintains a healthy respiratory system.

* Concentrated thick syrup to instantly soothe the respiratory system.
* Contains peppermint and menthol.
* Contains echinacea to encourage and maintain immune response.
* Deep penetrating action of aniseed and eucalyptus
* Potent bioflavenoids maintain lung tissue strength and provide antioxidant support
* Maintains a healthy respiratory system against dust and seasonal irritants.

Directions for use
Apply 15ml (1 tablespoon) either onto the horses tongue or with a spatula, 2 or 3 times a day. Alternatively, dilute with a small amount of hot water to 'top dress' a feed or administer into the mouth with a syringe. If the condition does not improve, contact your veterinary surgeon.

Please note: contains Menthol; please allow a withdrawal period if competining uder Jockey Club, FEI or BSJA rules.

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