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Deluxe Heated Pet Pad


Deluxe Heated Pet Pad
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We have made our best selling electric heat pad even better! It has many new features including a zip up cover, an adjustable thermostat (max temperature 55C). It has a long almost 3m total length cable with 90cm cable between the bed and the thermostate the first 40cm of this in a tough plastic conduit.There is a further 2m of cable from the thermostat to the plug which incorporates a 12V transformer

Size: 40cm x 30cm.

NB.The heat pad works by conduction to transfer heat to an object in contact with the heat pad, the temperature attained is dependent on the surrounding environment, typically it will reach a maximum of 40-44 C.

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My elderly cat has been waking us up every night, crying and climbing into our bed.... after researching the Internet, we decided to try two things - heated pet pad and a little plug-in night light. Worked magic!!!!!! <br />We placed the heated pad under her blanket and tried out various temperature settings. <br />Our cat likes 45 C. The temperature range is between 25 and 50 C.<br />The pad is covered in a water proof cover and has a long lead for plugging in into an wall socket. The lead is pet proof (chewing/biting). I cannot vouch for that as my cat does not chew things.<br />Overall, I am VERY pleased with it.

Reviewed on: 03 February 2018

Product Variant: HEATEDPETP


Initially, thought that they did not give out enough heat but the write up about how exactly they work is spot on: they work very well indeed. I would recommend the product.

Reviewed by: David

Reviewed on: 18 February 2016

Product Variant: HEATEDPETP


The Product, the heated Pet Pad is good.

Reviewed by: Christine

Reviewed on: 17 February 2016

Product Variant: HEATEDPETP


The cats love them.they are so toastie

Reviewed on: 17 February 2016

Product Variant: HEATEDPETP

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