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Delux Heat Lamp with Dimmer Switch

Item Number: HEATLAMPD

Delux Heat Lamp with Dimmer Switch

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12" aluminium reflector with safety guard and one metre of chain plus quality heat resistant Edison screw lamp holder. Lead is 1.5 metres long and fitted with 13 amp plus and dimmer control to reduce output and power consumption by 50% (Bulb not included)

Instruction Leaflet

This heat lamp is designed for use in domestic and industrial applications.

These instructions contain important safety information and should be read carefully before commencing installation and retained for reference. Installation and maintenance should only be carried out by a suitably qualified person in accordance with these instructions. This product should not be modified as any modification may render the product unsafe and will invalidate any safety and approval marks. No responsibility will be accepted for modified product or for any damge or injury caused as a result of modification.


To comply with legislation and regulations the following must be adhered to.

Leave disconnected from the supply until installation is completed.
Secure the chain provided to the hook on the top of the heatlamp. Then secure the other end of the chain to a suspension point, and adjust its length to make sure that the space between the bottom of the heatlamp and the animal is NOT LESS THAN 0.5m. This gap is essential for the welfare of the animal and the prevention of fire. Fix the cable to the chain so that the chain takes the weight of the heatlamp and the cable is not under strain. Do not tension the cable. Ensure that the cable is not accessible by the animal.

This heatlamp is pre wired with a 13A plug with 3A fuse and should only be connected to a 230V A.C. supply. It is recommended that the power supply be protected by a residual current circuit breaker. (R.C.D.)

This fitting must be earthed.

Dimmer switch

This heat lamp is fitted with a switch to select either High or Low settings and can be used as an energy saving device or to reduce the level of heat on the animal. The switch can be operated without being disconnected from the supply.


Lamp replacement
Disconnect from supply. Unscrew lamp and replace. Screw into position. Reconnect to supply.

Suitable for use with infra-red lamps up to 250W max. Follow lamp manufacturers instructions.
Hard glass versions recommended for outdoor use or in areas of condensation.

The heatlamp must be kept clear of dust and dirt at all times, and during cleaning it must be disconnected from the supply.

Warning: Damaged appliances must not be used at any time.


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These lamps are so good for the chicks start them out at full power then as the feathers come through flick the switch to dim

Reviewed by: Paula

Reviewed on: 16 August 2021

Product Variant: HEATLAMPD


Works perfectly the dimmer switch is so useful to regulate heat for pups

Reviewed by: R Corkhill

Reviewed on: 27 March 2020

Product Variant: HEATLAMPD


Workes very well with plenty of heat

Reviewed by: Lee Hartis

Reviewed on: 01 May 2018

Product Variant: HEATLAMPD


First the Good...<br />The unit is certainly robust and the large aluminium reflector does not get hot (except around the air vents - they all do this). There is plenty of clearance around the bulb and the guard looks tough so we are happy with it and would buy another one if we need one.<br /><br />Now the bad .....<br />The dimmer switch on my sample had been fitted the wrong way round - <br /> i.e. Hi meant bulb was on half power, l<br /> Low meant bulb was on full power !! <br /><br />To make matters worse, It is hard to see the difference if you are using a ceramic dull emitter bulb so you may not even realise and wonder why there is not much heat on "full". (as we initially did!!) However on fitting an old-fashioned (glass) heat bulb it was immediately obvious........<br />I am an electrical engineer, so the reversed switch was easy for me to detect and correct ....<br /><br />And finally the .... <br />Pity about the reversed switch though, it does make you wonder about the quality control during assembly.

Reviewed on: 02 April 2015

Product Variant: HEATLAMPD

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