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Defenders Wind Action Owl

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Defenders Wind Action Owl

The Defenders Wind Powered Plastic Action Owl Decoy is a full-size replica owl that is usually used to scare pigeons and other bird species that may have become a problem.
The idea of using a plastic owl as a pigeon or bird scarer is to activate the pest bird's instinctive fear of predators.

The Defenders Wind Powered Action Owl Decoy has a rotating and bobbing head that moves in just the gentlest of breezes.
Owls with moving heads are proven to be more successful than owls with no moving parts at all.
Plastic decoy owls can be used in multiple locations including boats, car parks, roof tops, gardens, trees and many other buildings and properties.

The main feature of the Defender Wind Powered Plastic Action Owl Decoy is the moveable head that will start rotating and bobbing in a light wind. The life-like, full-size replica also has reflective eyes. These key features have been added to prevent the pest birds becoming habituated to the decoy. For large areas it is recommended that two or more owls are used.

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