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Defenders Slug Trap (pack of 2)

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Sale Defenders Slug Trap (pack of 2)

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Defenders Slug Trap (pack of 2)

Bait safe traps catch and kill slugs and snails. A safer way to apply poison baits and protects pets and wildlife. Unobtrusive design, also suitable for organic gardening.

Bait safe traps that catch slugs and snails. Come complete with poison-free bait suitable for organic gardening.

To use this product
For higher results place traps at time of sowing before plants are damaged by slugs and snails.

Dig a hole the size of the trap base in the area most affected by slugs. Remove lid and place the trap in the ground ensuring side opening is above ground level.

Place bait inside trap, within 2 cm of trap rim (see trapping tips). Put the lid back in place and make sure is secure. Check on the trap regularly and dispose of contents. Once empty, rinse and replenish bait.

Trapping Tips
Try some of the following methods of baiting, all of which can be safely used with Defenders slug traps: Yeast bait, Beer bait, Honey-yeast bait, Beer batter bait, Grape juice. Mixing rum extract with water, Lettuce, Cabbage, Turnips and Potatoes.

Grease inside of trap to prevent slugs climbing out.

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