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Defenders Mole Tunnel Trap

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Defenders Mole Tunnel Trap

Classic catch and kill mole trap designed for protection of lawns and gardens. Barcoded pack with comprehensive setting instructions and fact panels. Strong spring action and galvanised for rust free durability.
Suitable for all weathers.

To use the product
Depress setting arm until it touches tunnel. Swing setting hook over setting arm. Move the base of the trigger ring to a perpendicular position so that the hook at the top engages with the setting arm. Repeat process at the other end of the trap. Place trap in mole run so the run guides are seated at the bottom of the run. Cover the mole run to exclude all light. Check daily

*Two-way trap with traditional proven design.
*Suitable for use in frosted ground and wet weather conditions.
*Low-cost control of moles in garden, farm and country locations.
*Setting instructions and barcode on each trap.

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