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Deccox 6% Premix 10kg

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Deccox 6% Premix 10kg
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For the treatment and prevention of coccidiosis in lambs and calves.

As an aid in the control of coccidiosis in lambs, by medication of ewe feed.

As an aid in the prevention of abortions and perinatal losses due to toxoplasmosis by medication of ewe feed.

Dosage and administration

Treatment of coccidiosis in lambs and calves and prevention of coccidiosis in lambs

Add 1.67 kg of premix per tonne of feed, to provide the recommended concentration of 100 mg decoquinate/kg feed (100 ppm).

If creep feed is provided to lambs on a restricted basis (e.g. less than 100 g/10 kg bodyweight daily) or calves are fed at less than the recommended feeding rate of 500 g/50 kg bodyweight daily, the level of incorporation should be raised proportionally to achieve the target intake of approximately 1 mg decoquinate/kg bodyweight daily.

Data Sheets

DECCOX: Data Sheet

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