CoseIcure Bolus for Sheep (Pack of 50)

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CoseIcure Bolus for Sheep (Pack of 50).

Thiomolybdate Toxicity & Iodine Deficiency.

For sheep suffering from iodine deficiency, Bimeda offer CoseIcure boluses, which offer all the benefits of the Cosecure boluses, while simultaneously supplementing iodine.

• for Thiomolybdate Toxicity
• for iodine deficiency
• for cobalt deficiency
• for selenium deficiency

Low iodine is also a problem which can result in poor growth rates. Milk yield can also be less than expected.

Iodine deficiency is a geographical problem and occurs when:
• Feeds and water are low in iodine
• Lime & manure have been spread; which can reduce iodine
levels in pasture
• Goitrogenic substances are present in feed, eg kale
• Chemicals block thyroid uptake of iodine

Sheep deficient in iodine may suffer from:
• Poor growth and weight loss
• Reduced hormone secretion and reproductive health
• Reduced bone growth and skeletal development
• Ewes will not be able to transfer sufficient amounts of the element to the unborn lamb. This can result in lambs being born weak or dead.

CoseIcure Boluses:
Copper 13.4%, Cobalt 0.5%, Selenium 0.15%, Iodine 1%

For sheep suffering from iodine deficiency, Bimeda offer
CoseIcure boluses, which offer all of the benefits of the
Cosecure boluses, but which also supplement iodine
simultaneously. Available for sheep only.

Each pack contains 50 boluses (50 doses).

In addition to delivering copper to the sheep/lamb Cosecure and CoseIcure boluses provide selenium and cobalt.

Selenium supplementation
Selenium deficiency can result in white muscle disease, impaired reproduction, reduced immunity and reduced milk production.

Cobalt supplementation
Cobalt is required for the production of Vitamin B12, which is important for thrive and fertility. The body has no capacity to store cobalt, therefore cobalt must be continuously supplied. Cosecure boluses are ideal as they provide a continuous supply of cobalt for up to 6 months in lambs and 8 months in sheep. CoseIcure boluses are active for up to 6 months in sheep.

Weight gain in lambs
Cosecure lamb boluses were proven ‘best in class’ in an independent weight gain and profit trial 1.

Boost fertility
Improves fertility in sheep by preventing thiomolybdate

Boost thrive and immunity
Bolusing around tupping is believed to boost the thrive and
immunity of both ewes and unborn lambs.