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Copinox Ewe/Calf 4g (pack of 250)

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Sale Copinox Ewe/Calf 4g (pack of 250)
  • Copinox Ewe/Calf 4g (pack of 250)

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Copinox Ewe/Calf 4g capsule, hard
Dosage and administration
For oral administration only. Place the capsule at the back of the mouth, beyond the hump of the tongue, using a suitable dosing gun fitted with the special adaptors provided. The 4g capsule is inserted at one end and the other is attached to the drench gun. The capsule is ejected by expulsion with water. Conventional balling guns may also be employed. To avoid injury, the dosing gun should be used carefully and without force. Normal swallowing movements should allow the dose to be passed easily into the back of the mouth, the capsule may then be ejected and passage of the gun beyond this point is not necessary. Always check that the animal swallows the capsule.
Adult (50kg)Sheep Dosage
1 x Copinox Ewe/Calf 4g ivory capsule (equivalent to 80 mg CuO/kg for a 50kg sheep). For the prevention of congenital swayback the dose should be given at tupping or during the first half of pregnancy. It may be advisable to administer the dose during the second or third month of pregnancy rather than at tupping on farms where copper deficiency is particularly severe.
Calf Dosage
Ruminant calves, 75 to 100 kg bodyweight and over 2months of age, may be given 2 x Copinox Ewe/Calf 4g ivory capsules (equivalent to 80mg CuO/kg for a 100kg calf.
To be used at intervals of not less than 6 months

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