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Col-late Cat Breeder Nutri-Drops 30ml

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Col-late Cat Breeder Nutri-Drops 30ml

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A high energy, nutrient rich, liquid concentrate, containing only quality nutritional ingredients proven safe and effective. NUTRI-DROPS FOR CATS is an immediate source of glucose, B vitamins, amino acids, vitamins A, D & E and trace minerals, NUTRI-DROPS are indicated in any condition where additional energy and nutrients are needed to support normal metabolic function and normal immune system activity. NUTRI-DROPS also aids to insure newborn kittens start out strong and nurse vigorously, aids in stimulating the appetite, saving chilled and stressed kittens.

Administer: Newborn - 0.1 ml per 3.2oz (90gm) body weight. Critical Aid - 1 ml per 31b (1.36kg) bodyweight. Slow Kittening Queen - 0.5ml per 5lb (2.25kg) bodyweight.