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CLX Wipes

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CLX Wipes - CLX Wipes

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Large, heavy duty cleansing wipes impregnated with chlorhexidine, TrisEDTA, climbazole and zinc gluconate for daily cleaning of the skin, skin folds and the interdigital spaces of dogs. CLX® Wipes can also be used on cats and other small pets.

Chlorhexidine digluconate & TrisEDTA : -chlorhexidine has an antibacterial action and has a synergistic effect with TrisEDTA.
-Zinc Gluconate cleanses, regulates and purifies the skin.
-Climbazole has an antibacterial and antifungal action and helps to regulate the turnover of skin cells.
-Glycerine is a moisturizing agent that protects the skin.

CLX® Wipes can be used:
-for daily cleaning of the skin.
-for the skin folds and interdigital spaces of dogs.
-¦as an antibacterial to keep minor wounds clean and free of dirt.
 -as a general cleanser after daily walks, particularly for dogs prone to interdigital irritation.
 -Ideal for cats and other small pets.

Use against the hair growth. Do not rinse. Use one or more times a day, or when necessary.

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Good for daily cleaning, much cheaper than buying from the vets.

Reviewed on: 06 October 2020

Product Variant: CLXWIPES PK40


Much cheaper than from the vet!

Reviewed by: Pauline Russell

Reviewed on: 10 December 2019

Product Variant: CLXWIPES PK40


Shampoo has really helped will purchase again

Reviewed by: Linda Pearse

Reviewed on: 04 December 2019

Product Variant: CLXWIPES PK20


My dog won’t stop chewing his front paws ,but after using the CLX wipes he doesn’t touch his paws ,they have a smell that is a deterrent to the dogs ,I highly recommend them

Reviewed by: Denise Wilkinson

Reviewed on: 02 May 2019

Product Variant: CLXWIPES PK40

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