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Clorexyderm 4% Foam For Cats and Dogs 100ml

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Clorexyderm 4% Foam For Cats and Dogs 100ml

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Clorexyderm 4% Foam for Cats and Dogs 100ml.

Clorexyderm 4% Foam is a disinfectant shampoo containing chlorhexidine digluconate. It can help to control bacterial and fungal growth.

Clorexyderm Foam Solution consists of water-soluble components which are particularly suitable for the gentle, hygienic cleansing of dogs and cats. The mild moisturizing and softening foam solution has a pleasant balsam-like effect on the skin. Dead cells of the tissue are removed, whereby all food for bacteria and yeast is withdrawn.

Clorexyderm Foam Solution does not need to be rinsed after application. Thanks to its non-greasy and liquid dosage form, even extensive skin areas can be cleaned with little effort.

Chlorhexidine digluconate at 4%
Glycerine has a moisturising and softening action.
Ethoxylated Lanolin is a soothing emollient, which moisturises and conditions the skin and coat.
Propylene glycol has a moisturising and keratolytic action.
No rinsing required
Soothing properties

HOW TO USE Spray the product once daily equally on all skin areas that need to be cleaned. Do not rinse.

It is recommended to spray the foam solution on a clean cloth and dab the skin with it carefully if your pet is very nervous and easily frightened.

Remove possible fat particles or dandruff with a clean cotton cloth carefully if necessary.

In cases of strong dirt, the application should initially be repeated every 12 hours.

It is recommended that Clorexyderm® Shampoo is used every second day.

Once the skin is well cared for and clean after 2 to 4 weeks, the applications can be reduced to once a week.

Please note: For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. If foam gets in the eyes, rinse with plenty of clean water. Keep away from children.

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It is an excellent way of treating an ongoing skin infection and easy to apply


Have used before so was as expected

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