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Cattle Equipment

We stock a wide range of cattle supplies including wormers, and other parasite control such as coccidiosis and fly control. We also stock calving supplies and vaccines as well as supplements and vitamins and dehorning cattle equipment. Check out our full range below.



Cattle Supplies Best Sellers

Crystalyx Smallholder Block 5kg

A palatable feed lick which has been proven to complement and balance forages by correcting nutrient deficiencies, improve forage digestibility, stimulate forage intakes and improve animal health and performance. Suitable for all ruminants.


From £12.09 inc. VAT

Infra Red Par Bulb 38 ES 175w

175W PAR bulb are more energy efficient producing the same heat as a 250W. Bulbs produce heat and light.

Item #: BULBPAR38

From £8.25 inc. VAT

Recofast Entericum Sachet 100g

Recofast Entericum Sachet 100g. Acts as an astringent, a rehydrating agent and a nutritional supplement.


From £5.35 inc. VAT

Easijector for pigeon vaccines

An easy way to ensure accurate dosage of vaccines and other injectable products.


From £29.99 inc. VAT

Prorumen Sachet 150g

Pro-Rumen is a complementary feeding stuff containing Vitamins, Minerals and probiotics. It is used to assist in the establishment of bacteria in the rumen and good function.


From £7.99 inc. VAT

Nettex Strike Plus Repellent 250ml

Nettex Strike Plus Repellent 250ml. A powerful fly repellent to deter all flying insects.


From £11.09 inc. VAT

Gold Label Cod Liver Oil

A mixture of cod liver oil, marine oils and pure vegetable oil. A stabilised source of vitamins needed for general health and condition.


From £5.45 inc. VAT

Agrimin 24.7 Smartrace Plus for Adult Cattle (pack of 10)

Agrimin 24.7 Smartrace Plus for Adult Cattle (pack of 10). A sustained release bolus containing copper, iodine, selenium and cobalt. Intended for breeding cows on grass or forage based diets.


From £55.25 inc. VAT