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Canilac Milk Replacer


Canilac Milk Replacer

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Canilac Milk Replacer

An easily digested blend of proteins fats carbohydrates and vitamins.

The ideal replacement for bitch's milk.

Directions: Mix in proportion of 20ml milk powder to 50ml warm water at 60 degrees in temperature and feed at 40 degrees. Massage belly gently.

Up to 15 days of age: feed every two hours as required.
From 15 days to 2 weeks: feed small quantities 3 times a day or 5-6 times if no longer with bitch.
From 4-6 weeks: mix 150ml milk to 500ml water and feed twice a day according to size whilst continuing to wean them.
Teach to drink from a shallow bowl from this age.

Suitable as a supplement during pregnancy & lactation, for elderly dogs and to aid in recovery from illness.

NB. All young animals should receive adequate colostrums from birth.