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The importance of calcium in the diet has been well documented, with many top trainers already feeding straight limestone, a potentially harmful practice as some limestone contains toxic levels of other minerals. It has been shown that horses do not have a well-developed nutritional sense for calcium.

Calcium is the key to strong and healthy bones and is also essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Correct levels are essential for normal functioning of the body as calcium plays a vital role in the transmission of nerve impulses, the contractile properties of muscle and the coagulation of blood. Should the plasma concentration fall, an occurrence associated with growth in young animals, lactation in mares, and horses in work, the body's parathyroid hormone uses Vitamin D to stimulate the mobilisation of skeletal calcium to maintain an adequate plasma level.

Calavite was developed to assist in the maintenance of healthy levels of calcium, and therefore also contains a carefully-calculated proportion of vitamins D3 and A, essential for the absorption and utilisation of calcium. Calavite is an ideal supplement for foals, youngstock and lactating mares. To enhance the supplement’s performance Calavite have included Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferal). This important vitamin plays an active role by increasing the amount of calcium retained by the body. Vitamin D works by inhibiting an energy-dependant translocation of calcium back from the mucosa to the intestinal lumen and excretion. The vitamin also has an active role in calcium transfer across cell membranes and into the mitochondria.

Calavite have used a very pure Magnesium-free calcium limestone with a grist designed to give more absorption and reduce the risk of abrasive damage. Flavouring has been added to enhance uptake by the horse.
• Assists in establishing healthy bones in foals and young stock
• Assists in the maintenance of overall good health and strength
• Helps lactating mares

Feeding Directions:
To be mixed in to feed.
Lactating Mares: 50g/day.
Horses in training, regular work or stallions at stud: 40g/day.
Foals after weaning up to 2 years: 25g/day.
Ponies (according to size) 15-25g/day
(One scoop: 20g)