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Butox Swish Cattle Pour On 0.75% 250ml

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Butox Swish Cattle Pour On 0.75% 250ml

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Butox Swish pour on 0.75% 250ml is a truly cost effective way to control the menace of flies and lice in cattle over a season. One pour on application protects a cow for 8-10 weeks. Two treatments last a whole season. An easily-applied pour-on product based on the proven active ingredient, deltamethrin. It controls lice, biting flies and nuisance flies (including all species of midge responsible for spreading the bluetongue virus), and provides control for 8-10 weeks which is longer than any other available pour-on. The advanced micronised formula penetrates the oily layer of the skin to provide complete coverage and is rainfast to provide flexibility under all conditions.

Dosage and administration

For external use only.

Pour on the product along the backline of the animals, from the head to the tail, at the following recommended dose rates:

Up to 100kg: 10ml
100-300kg: 20ml
Over 300kg: 30ml

Flies: a single application provides protection against flies for 8 to 10 weeks depending on the infestation degree, fly species and weather conditions. Treatment should be repeated within 8 - 10 weeks depending on the weather and the fly species.

10ml per animal irrespective of weight.

Lice: a single application provides protection against lice for 8 to 10 weeks. All in contact animals must be treated at the same time. A single application is sufficient against lice.

Withdrawal periods:

Edible tissues: 20 days

Milk: zero hours

Data Sheets

BUTOXSW: Data Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use this on horses?

No this is not licensed for the use on horses. We would advise the use of Deosect. 

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