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Keeping dogs cool in the summer

28 Jun 2019

Dogs can quickly and fatally overheat not only are most of them covered in thick hair they also cannot sweat so to keep cool they must rely on panting and releasing heat through the pads on their paws.

New Frontline Plus

26 Jul 2016

Frontline Plus is a NEW double action flea treatment from Merial Animal Health. The same as Frontline Combo, which is still only available with a written veterinary prescription, Frontline Plus is available as an over the counter medication.

Killer Dog Disease Hits UK

18 Mar 2016

An outbreak of Babesiosis in Harlow Essex has dog owners throughout the country concerned for well being of their dogs and has sparked fears that the deadly disease could spread throughout the country. Babesiosis is spread by the American dog tick.

Arthritis In Dogs

18 Feb 2016

Canine arthritis is similar to osteo-arthritis in humans and can affect both mature and younger dogs. Joints become inflamed and painful which in turn leads to reluctance to exercise and stiffness. As the disease can progress slowly the first signs noticed may be problems in getting into cars or getting up in the morning. Early diagnosis is important to avoid unnecessary discomfort and may help to slow down further joint deterioration.

Understanding Thyroid Problems

18 Feb 2016

UNDERSTANDING THYROID PROBLEMS IN DOGS & CATSCats may suffer from over production of thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism) in later life. The signs of this include weight loss plus restlessness and a poor often matted coat.

Understanding Cushings Disease

18 Feb 2016

UNDERSTANDING CUSHINGS DISEASE & SYNDROME IN DOGS and HORSES.These are conditions where excessive amounts of glucocorticoids are produced. Strictly speaking Cushing’s Disease is where a pituitary tumour stimulates an increased output of hormones from the adrenal cortex whilst Cushings Syndrome is where this occurs without a pituitary tumour but the symptoms are identical. These conditions are very rare in cats.

Joint Problems In Dogs

17 Feb 2016

Joint SupplementsThese are often used either alone or in conjunction with prescription medicines and sometimes permit dosages of these to be reduced. Most of these products contain Glucosamine sometimes combined with Collagen or Chondroitin.

Solving Flea & Tick Problems

17 Feb 2016

SOLVING FLEA & TICK PROBLEMSThe problem ?Millions of pounds are spent every year on insecticidal drops which apparently do not work although they are medicines fully licensed with governments throughout the world.

Joint Supplements for Dogs and Horses

11 Feb 2016

Supplements are widely used when dogs or horses develop stiffness in their joints and a goodsupplement will help maintain healthy joints and freedom of movement. It may also delay the need for “prescription” medications or allow the dose of these to be reduced.

New Hills Metabolic

06 Jul 2013

When dogs or cats are overweight this can lead to health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Arthritis can also be worsened by the inflammatory effects of obesity.

worming pets can prevent blindness in children

21 Jun 2013

Roundworms from dogs and cats are responsible for an infection in people called toxocariasis caused by roundworm eggs in dogs and cats poo being swallowed and can, in rare cases, the roundworm larvae may infect organs such as the liver, lungs, eyes or brain and the symptoms may be severe

How can I tell if my dog has worms?

17 Jun 2013

How can I tell if my dog has worms?Worms are rarely passed in faeces. Occasionally tapeworm segments which look like grains of rice may be seen or roundworm which is a long white worm can be found in faeces. Eggs are commonly found in stools but are really too small to see.

How can I tell if my dog or cat has fleas?

13 Jun 2013

Fleas can cause irritation where they bite and can make your cat or dog itchy. So look for signs of excessive grooming, such as licking or scratching. This can lead to sore, red skin which in turn can in turn lead to bald patches; and if the skin has been broken could result in a skin infection. These bald patches are commonly on the back but can appear around their head and belly too.

My dog does not have fleas

11 Jun 2013

“My dog does not have fleas”This was the indignant reaction from my sister in law when I mildly suggested that the collection of bites in the classic ‘flea bite cluster’ on my 3 year old sons leg could have some connection with her own baby, a Bichon Frise, by the name of Harry.

The link between worms and fleas

07 Jun 2013

A lot of pet owners do not realise the link between fleas and worms but it is actually the flea that is the cause of most common tapeworm in both cats and dogs.While farm and country dogs may have a potential increased risk of exposure to animal carcasses making the need for them to be treated more frequently for tapeworm with either Drontal for dogs or our own Easimax dog wormer no pet can be truly isolated. This means that even cats that are kept indoors can be infected with tapeworm from fleas.

New alert system on twitter for Parvo Virus

06 Nov 2012

A new alert system has been launched to inform veterinary professionals and dog owners of reported cases of parvo virus.

Is Chocolate Harmful to Dogs

05 Nov 2012

As we approach the festive season Hyperdrug is warning owners against feeding dogs chocolate.It is not obesity that is the concern but one of the ingredients found in chocolate called theobremine which is toxic in pets.

Pet Prescriptions

01 Sep 2012

Q. My Vet has never offered me a prescription.A.Unfortunately this is not unusual despite the efforts of the Royal College ofVeterinary Surgeons to ensure Vets obey their legal & professional obligationsYour solution is to “remind” any vet who “forgets” to offer a prescription.

Worming Pregnant Bitches

30 Jul 2012

Puppies are born with roundworms which even regular worming throughout their lives will not eliminate completely. Worms pass across the placenta from the bitch before pups are born as well as in the milk while feeding from their mother.Effective worming of the pregnant bitch will greatly reduce the number of worms passed.Here are a number of questions that we are asked:

Ticks and Dogs

28 Jul 2012

Ticks are in greater numbers in spring and autumn but can be found where temperatures are above 3.5 degrees centigrade any time of the year. It is a common misconception that they jump or fly they simply attach themselves to passing animals; which is why low level pets such as dogs or cats are at an increased risk.

Why Worming Pets is Important if you have Children

28 Jul 2012

There are lots of good reasons for worming your dog or cat, but in this article we will look at one of the most important aspects; the health of ourselves and our kids.Certain diseases can be passed from animals to people, this is called zoonosis, meaning some parasites or worms can be passed from your pet to people and this can be dangerous, especially to children or pregnant women.

Solving Flea & Tick Problems

16 Feb 2012

The problemMillions of pounds are spent every year on insecticidal flea drops which apparently do not work although they are medicines licensed with governments throughout the world.