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Fireworks & Pets - Helping Them Cope

26 Oct 2021

Animals hearing, generally speaking is far more acute than humans. Loud noises such as those produced by fireworks – bangs and whistles, can cause actual pain in the ears of animals. It is for this reason that your pet may show increasing levels of anxiety during firework season and become scared when fireworks are around. By following a few simple steps you can help reduce your pets suffering during this stressful time.

Probiotics For Dogs

15 Oct 2021

Probiotics – or good bacteria – are live organisms which live in your dogs gut. These beneficial bacteria play a number or roles which support your dogs’ general digestive health. This includes assisting in food digestion, producing key vitamins, reducing the pH of the gut, produce enzymes, produce fatty acids which discourage growth of harmful bacteria as well as producing serotonin which influences mood.