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​Supplementing Your Horses Diet

15 Sep 2021

To keep your horse or pony healthy and happy their diets should be based predominantly on forage e.g. hay or haylage. Feeding a natural diet high in fibre and low in starch have been shown to reduce the risk of common issues such as gastric ulcers and laminitis, whilst also improving behaviour and reducing excitability.

Horse First Aid – Bandaging

07 Sep 2021

Horse First Aid – BandagingIncorrectly applied bandages can be dangerous and in many cases it would be preferable to not bandage rather than have the bandages applied incorrectly. If you are in any doubt about how to apply bandages correctly then we would always advise speaking with your veterinary surgeon to ensure that bandages are applied correctly.

Horse Worm Egg Counting

02 Sep 2021

Faecal worm egg counts are invaluable as they enable horse owners to determine whether or not their animal requires treatment. This means that instead of blanket worming all horses; only those which require treatment are given wormer.