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Do I need to worm my rabbit

31 Jul 2012

Dogs and cats are not the only pets to suffer from worms, E cuniculi is a particularly nasty parasite that infects rabbits. It is estimated that half of all pet rabbits have been exposed to this potentially fatal parasite. Infection is spread by urine or between baby rabbits and their mothers.

Why You Need to Know your Horses Weight for worming

31 Jul 2012

Under-dosing horse wormers can lead to resistance, this is because if a horse is given a lower than indicated dose not all of the worms are killed, so the worms that survive may and become more tolerant to the drug in the wormer.

Worming Pregnant Bitches

30 Jul 2012

Puppies are born with roundworms which even regular worming throughout their lives will not eliminate completely. Worms pass across the placenta from the bitch before pups are born as well as in the milk while feeding from their mother.Effective worming of the pregnant bitch will greatly reduce the number of worms passed.Here are a number of questions that we are asked:

Ticks and Dogs

28 Jul 2012

Ticks are in greater numbers in spring and autumn but can be found where temperatures are above 3.5 degrees centigrade any time of the year. It is a common misconception that they jump or fly they simply attach themselves to passing animals; which is why low level pets such as dogs or cats are at an increased risk.

Stress in Horses

28 Jul 2012

Horses can find all sorts of situations distressing, young horses can often nervous getting into a trailer for the first time, and sometimes they just never get over it, becoming more and more upset as they get older. While other horses just hate the vet or going to events.If you have tried your luck at horse whispering and failed a new product may help.

Why Worming Pets is Important if you have Children

28 Jul 2012

There are lots of good reasons for worming your dog or cat, but in this article we will look at one of the most important aspects; the health of ourselves and our kids.Certain diseases can be passed from animals to people, this is called zoonosis, meaning some parasites or worms can be passed from your pet to people and this can be dangerous, especially to children or pregnant women.

Frontline Alternative

27 Jul 2012

The way the drug industry works is that when drugs are new, the drug company that developed them has a patent, that means that no one else can copy them and sell them. This is fair enough, the company that made them has had to spend loads of money developing the drug, licensing it and marketing it; they need to recoup this back. But what happens when the patent runs out?