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New Coopers Gut Support

26 Feb 2016

COOPERS GUT EQUALISE Is a prebiotic and postbiotic paste to maintain normal digestive function in horses or help to establish normal digestive bacteria in foals. It is packed in oral syringes.COOPERS GUT SUPPORT consists of Prebiotic and Postbiotic pellets to be fed either with feed or alone. It is especially useful during long spells of disturbance to the large intestineCOOPERS GUT ASSIST is a powder once again containing Prebiotic and Postbiotics plus smectite, which is a natural clay with adsorbent properties.

Horse & Country TV

26 Feb 2016

Horse & Country TV’s informative Vet Essentials episode on worm control in horses is being aired again this spring. Watching it is an easy and entertaining way to learn everything you need to know about worming your horse to keep him healthy.

Sweet Itch - The Facts

25 Feb 2016

SWEET-ITCH – THE FACTSThis condition is caused by an allergic reaction to saliva from the Culicoides midge. It results in intense itching so the horse will try to rub the affected area against stables or walls which may worsen the condition or cause wounds that can become infected.

Treatment Of Tapeworm In Horses

25 Feb 2016

The Royal Veterinary College and Austin Davis Biologics Ltd, providers of EquiSal Tapeworm testing, have been awarded a research grant by Petplan Charitable Trust for a project entitled: "Improved control of the equine tapeworm, Anoplocephala, through new insights into the biology of the oribatid mite intermediate host.”

Hurtta Owners Size Chart

22 Feb 2016

Hurtta Size GuideMEASURING THE DOG 1. The back length should be measured from the withers (not the collar) to the base of the tail, while the dog is standing in normal position.

Zoetis Relief from Flies a Horse Owners Leaflet

22 Feb 2016

Horses are prone to attack from many species of fly, including the midge Cullicoides, which are irritating to the horse and can cause disease such as Sweet Itch. Horses are not only at risk of fly related diseases such as dermatitis, pruritic (itchy) conditions, lumps and skin lesions, they are likely to become stressed and uncomfortable in the summer fly season. Flies can also carry other parasites, which can infect the horse. Horses can also be affected by lice. Lice typically cause itching of the head, neck and flanks, and usually appear in the winter. This can lead to hair loss and self trauma, and if the infestation is severe it can cause anaemia and make the horse susceptible to other disease.

Zylkene Fireworks and Pets Video

18 Feb 2016

Zylkene pet advice for fireworks.From building dens to not scolding your pets. Loads of helpful advice for pet owners.

Indorex Owners Leaflet

18 Feb 2016

Indorex has been named the number one household flea spray.It is also fully approved by the Health and Safety Executive for the control of house dust mites.Dust

Understanding Cushings Disease

18 Feb 2016

UNDERSTANDING CUSHINGS DISEASE & SYNDROME IN DOGS and HORSES.These are conditions where excessive amounts of glucocorticoids are produced. Strictly speaking Cushing’s Disease is where a pituitary tumour stimulates an increased output of hormones from the adrenal cortex whilst Cushings Syndrome is where this occurs without a pituitary tumour but the symptoms are identical. These conditions are very rare in cats.

Understanding Thyroid Problems

18 Feb 2016

UNDERSTANDING THYROID PROBLEMS IN DOGS & CATSCats may suffer from over production of thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism) in later life. The signs of this include weight loss plus restlessness and a poor often matted coat.

Arthritis In Dogs

18 Feb 2016

Canine arthritis is similar to osteo-arthritis in humans and can affect both mature and younger dogs. Joints become inflamed and painful which in turn leads to reluctance to exercise and stiffness. As the disease can progress slowly the first signs noticed may be problems in getting into cars or getting up in the morning. Early diagnosis is important to avoid unnecessary discomfort and may help to slow down further joint deterioration.

Joint Problems In Dogs

17 Feb 2016

Joint SupplementsThese are often used either alone or in conjunction with prescription medicines and sometimes permit dosages of these to be reduced. Most of these products contain Glucosamine sometimes combined with Collagen or Chondroitin.

Solving Flea & Tick Problems

17 Feb 2016

SOLVING FLEA & TICK PROBLEMSThe problem ?Millions of pounds are spent every year on insecticidal drops which apparently do not work although they are medicines fully licensed with governments throughout the world.

Best Practice For Cattle Pour On Wormers

16 Feb 2016

One of the most common problems in the development of wormer resistance in the agricultural industry is the inaccurate use of the licensed medicines used to treat parasites in cattle and sheep.One of the most popular formulations of wormers for worming cattle are pour-on applications due to their ease of use. However, it is important to still use these products accurately. Merial have produced this tutorial video to show best practice when using pour on products on cattle.

Confidence EQ

15 Feb 2016

Confidence EQ A breakthrough in reducing stress from all causes in horses including travel, training and visits from Vet or Farrier. Confidence EQ contains a synthetic copy of the “Equine appeasing Pherormone” released by a Mare shortly after giving birth. 

Joint Supplements for Dogs and Horses

11 Feb 2016

Supplements are widely used when dogs or horses develop stiffness in their joints and a goodsupplement will help maintain healthy joints and freedom of movement. It may also delay the need for “prescription” medications or allow the dose of these to be reduced.

Panacur Dosing Charts for adult dogs, and pregnant bitches

11 Feb 2016

We have some handy charts for working out the correct dosage of Panacur for adult cats and dogs as well as pregnant bitches.

Norbrook Tapeworm Awareness leaflet

11 Feb 2016

Floods and mild weather were the topic owards the end of 2015, how to manage worming programmes will be the topic forspring 2016 when infestations of worms are likely to be high.

Zoetis Encysted Small Redworm - A Horse Owners Leaflet

10 Feb 2016

Don't let Encysted Small Redworm creep up on you.Encysted small redworm larvae can remain hidden in the wall of the horses gut and can account for 90% of the redworm burden in a horse.

Horse Fly Control Video

10 Feb 2016

Following on from our successful webinar on horse wormers and strategic worm control we are please to introduce a new webinar on horse fly control produced by Hyperdrug and Zoetis the makers of Equest, Pramox and Deosect.