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Birp Oral Emulsion for cattle 100ml

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Birp Oral Emulsion for cattle 100ml
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Birp Oral Emulsion for the relief of gaseous and frothy bloat in cattle.

Contains: Simethicone 1.0 % w/v

Dosage: 50-100 ml orally. A further dose may be given 3 hours later if required.

Withdrawal period: Cattle meat - zero days.

Cattle milk - zero hours.

100 ml bottle fitted with a drenching nozzle.

General information: Birp is a product containing a single active ingredient, simethicone, which is effective in reducing surface tension, particularly of semi-fluids and fluids. Its use therefore, in cases of frothy bloat, is specific. Whilst the normal route of administration is orally as a drench, it may also be given directly into the rumen through a cannula, and in fact it is often beneficial to combine both routes, if a cannula has been inserted.

As simethicone is relatively non-toxic, overdosage is unlikely, and repeated doses are advised in cattle.

Advantages of Birp: Whilst most frothy bloat is treated parenterally, using an antihistamine, and surgically, using a trocar and cannula, cases are usually of an acute or even peracute nature, and require immediate relief. Unfortunately, frothy bloat is not like a simple bloat where there is only one large pocket of gas, which can be removed immediately on insertion of a cannula. Frothy bloat may be reduced by the use of a cannula, but empirical therapy is essential, otherwise the disorder will return or not even respond.