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Battles Pure Castor Oil 500ml

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Castor Oil 500ml.

A complimentary feed material for all stock. Can be drenched, or mixed with feed

Contains 100% Castor Oil.

Horses: 250ml-500ml
Cattle: 375ml-750ml
Calves: 50ml-100ml
Sheep: 50ml-100ml
Pigs; 50ml-100ml
Dogs: 6ml-25ml
Fowl: 6ml-25ml

Can be drenched, or mixed with feed.

Store tightly sealed in a dry place
Keep out of reach of children

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Bought it as a joke but it works and will never hestitate to buy more

Reviewed by: Gary Gondo

Reviewed on: 12 February 2018

Product Variant: CAS9001371

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