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Battles Poultry Spice

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Poultry Spice is a mineral supplement to give to poultry to improve all round condition and performance. The aromatic blend of highly palatable spices will encourage them to eat their ration and so help to keep them strong and healthy. The high mineral content will promote good egg shell quality. Invaluable to help birds get over the moult. Will help to keep condition on during cold weather. Easy to use, just add to their daily ration.

Directions for use: One teaspoon to be given in the usual wet or dry mash for every 10 fowls.

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Good product and price will buy again

Reviewed on: 05 March 2018

Product Variant: POULTRYSP 3KG


Always use Poultry Spice and believe it helps the chickens to get all the minerals they need.

Reviewed by: Daphne Hall

Reviewed on: 07 September 2017

Product Variant: POULTRYSP 450G



Reviewed on: 24 November 2014

Product Variant: POULTRYSP 3KG


Good vitamin and trace elements source for racing pigeons.

Reviewed on: 21 May 2014

Product Variant: POULTRYSP 450G

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