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Battles Aeroclens Aerosol 150g

Item Number: AER9004136

Sale Battles Aeroclens Aerosol 150g

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Antiseptic blue spray for wounds and abrasions.
For the treatment of superficial wounds, lambs' navels, skin damage caused by fly strike, and cuts and abrasions on sheep.
Contains blue marker dye for easy identification of treated areas.
Clean the wound of blood and other organic matter with clean, cold water, then appy the spray - a burst of 1-2 seconds will be sufficient in most cases.  Repeat as necessary.


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Used to spray 'kid's umbilical

Reviewed by: P M Keates

Reviewed on: 07 May 2018

Product Variant: AER9004136


Used on a bite to help heal. Did the trick. Beware of getting on clothes will stain.

Reviewed on: 11 June 2014

Product Variant: AER9004136

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