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Anadin Extra Soluble Tablets (pack of 12)

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Anadin Extra Soluble Tablets (pack of 12)

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Migraines are not like most headaches, they require a powerful and fast acting pain reliever. Anadin Extra Soluble, that once dissolved in water, gets to work fast. It’s ideal if you suffer from migraine related symptoms such as nausea and feel that a solid tablet would aggravate it. Each dissolvable tablet contains a powerful combination of pain relieving ingredients:

Aspirin - to target the source of the pain.

Paracetamol - to help block the pain signals from reaching the brain.
Caffeine - to help to speed up pain relief
Who is it for?
Only take this medicine if you are over 16 years of age.

How often can I take it?
Take 2 tablets dissolved in a glass of water. Repeat every 4 hours as required. Do not take more than 8 tablets in 24 hours. Do not take with any other paracetamol containing products. Do not exceed the stated dose. If symptoms persist for more than 3 days, consult your doctor.
Can I take Anadin Extra soluble if I am pregnant/breast-feeding?
Women should seek advice from their doctor before using any medicines in pregnancy. Anadin Extra soluble tablets should not be taken if you are in late pregnancy or breast-feeding.
Can I take Anadin Extra soluble if I am asthmatic?
Before taking Anadin Extra soluble you should consult your doctor.
Can I take Anadin Extra soluble if I am taking medicines prescribed by my doctor?
Your pharmacist is able to advise you of medicines which cannot be taken with Anadin Extra soluble or where there is a chance that Anadin Extra soluble and your other medicine(s) may interfere with each other.
Can I take Anadin Extra soluble if I have or have had a stomach ulcer?
You should not take Anadin Extra soluble if you have had or are suffering from a stomach ulcer. You can take Anadin Paracetamol instead. If you require a stronger painkiller than paracetamol, it is recommended that you seek medical advice.
Each tablet contains 300mg of Aspirin, 200mg of Paracetamol and 45mg of Caffeine.
Anadin Extra soluble is available in packs containing 16 tablets.
Please read the leaflet enclosed in the pack before use.