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A nutritional supplement to aid a healthy central nervous system and support brain function in older dogs, Aktivait helps to avoid free radical damage and promotes brain signals.

Cognitive decline is a progressive condition that is very common in older animals.
Give an old dog more energy
Help your dog with depression
Help your dog with basic recognition (e.g of family members)
Help your dog enjoy playtime again

Signs of Cognitive Decline
Increased wandering around
Pacing up and down
Decreased recognition of familiar people, pets or places
Getting lost in familiar locations
Less interested in play
Restless sleep or waking at night
Toileting indoors

What Else Can I Do?
There are a number of measures you can take to help your dog’s quality of life:
Keep your dog fit and at the correct weight by feeding an appropriate diet
Take your dog for three or four short walks a day rather than one long walk
Practice the simple commands your dog learned as a puppy and make sure to reward your dog appropriately
Play recall games and ball games
Use a clicker or whistle to reinforce training. Ask your vet to recommend a trainer or behaviourist if you are unsure on how to do this.
Hearing deteriorates with age in dogs, so you may need to use exaggerated hand and arm signals with your commands
Visual markers can help combat disorientation. Place a paper cross or similar marker on the door to the garden to indicate which one your dog should sit at if they want to go outside.
If your dog has started toileting in the house, help them to relearn the rules by accompanying them outside frequently, for example after eating, sleeping and playing. Warmly praise them and reward them if they do go to the toilet outside. Never punish your dog if they do soil in the house, this will only make matters worse

Feeding Guidelines
Aktivait comes in a capsule which can be opened and mixed with food, or given whole to your dog. Different sizes are available depending on the size of your dog.

For optimal results, Aktivait should be given as soon as any signs of cognitive decline are seen. It can also be given to dogs from middle age onwards to help maintain normal brain function.

Noticeable improvements from Aktivait have been reported as early as 3-4 weeks after the start of supplementation, but this will vary by age, breed and severity of the changes present. Users of Aktivait have reported seeing significant improvements in six weeks.

Weight Recommendation
Under 10kg 1 capsule (Small Breed)
10-20kg 1 capsule (Medium and Large Breed)
21-40kg 2 capsules (Medium and Large breed)
Over 40kg 3 capsules (Medium and Large breed)

Phosphatidylserine – a phospholipid, which helps to maintain normal cell membrane function
Omega 3 fatty acids – eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)
L-Carnitine – essential for cellular metabolism and healthy mitochondrial function
Co-enzyme Q10 – used to aid energy production, also has potent antioxidant effects
Selenium – an antioxidant and important mineral in maintaining natural cognitive function
Vitamin E – a very potent antioxidant and lipid soluble vitamin with cell-protecting effects
Vitamin C – a water soluble antioxidant vitamin
Alpha Lipoic Acid – a coenzyme used in mitochondrial metabolism, also has antioxidant effects